Hank, the Angry, Drunken Dwarf err.... Corpse

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Hank, the Angry, Drunken Dwarf Corpse

A study in the power of the Internet

Final update: 13 May 1998, 12:00pmEST
Final Hank News
  • People Magazine's Most Beautiful People contest
    Hank is the most beautiful person in the world according to People:
    The results:
    Hank: 230,169 votes
    Ric Flair: 17,145 votes
    Leo DiCaprio: 14,471 votes
    Gillian Anderson: 7,057 votes
    Kate Winslet: 5,941 votes

    Media coverage of the campaign

  • The site that started the whole thing..

  • MSNBC's coverage of Hank quest for the title
  • ZDnet's Coverage
  • New York Post
  • Time Magazine's Coverage
  • Netly News
  • TownOnline
  • Tabloid News Services
  • The Case Against Culture Editorial.
  • Who's Hank?
    Hank is one of the many personalities on the Howard Stern show. A campaign on the Internet to make Hank People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful Person In The World' was one of the first major demonstrations to the 'old media' of how grass roots activity on the Internet can keep things from going the way you might expect.

    The entire vote is loaded with people who wouldn't normally show up on such a survey if it was in a print magazine. Hank and Ric Flair (no. 2) are definately there because of the Internet. Take them away and you're left with Leo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet, who would have probably both made the list in a mail in survey. Gillian Anderson would also have probably made it, but I'd bet she wouldn't have scored as highly as she did here. Faye Wong (No. 7) also appeared on the list thanks to grass roots campaigning on the 'net, as did John Linnell (no. 9).

    People Magazine was quick to clarify that the 'net survey had nothing to do with their print survey. Imagine if People's cover looked like this on May 8 after the survey.

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