Robbie Honerkamp

Robbie Honerkamp is an international man of mystery and Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" for 2006. Traveling around the world in his private jet and yacht (or with his herd of Saharan camels), Mr. Honerkamp has visited almost every country, sometimes via illegal border crossings. The people of Nauru and Tuvalu hail him as their leader and have built many large monuments in his honor made from the finest native guano. Paraguay has created a national holiday for him. And Chuck Norris lives in fear of him. Turkmenbashi briefly considered replacing his own statues with those of Robbie. The Bus Uncle frequently calls him, and Epic Beard Man polishes his shoes. His regular drinking buddies include the Dos Equis guy, Michael Power, and Makmende. Prior to his world record-setting horseback sailing trip around the world with the Old Spice Guy, Robbie Honerkamp was the American Consul General to the United Kingdom as revealed in a leaked Wikileaks memo. He has developed a method to divide by zero, and in his spare time volunteers with Stephen Hawking to tutor students in theoretical physics. He fights crime.

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